I Buy Old Fishing Lures

I Buy Old Fishing Lures

I Buy Old Fishing Lures
Vintage Antigue Tackle Box

Sell Your Antique Lures and Vintage Fishing Tackle For A Great Price 

Welcome! I’m Gary. Thank you for visiting my website! I’m a collector, and I have been collecting fishing lures and tackle boxes for over 36 years. I am also a proud member of the National Fishing Lure Collectors Club (NFLCC).

Fishing lures have a history and most people I talk to have interesting stories about them. I know I do. I’ve enjoyed collecting all kinds of lures and tackle for a long time. I got started collecting lures because, as I mentioned, many fishing lures have a story to tell. Fishing lures, tackle, and boxes have a special meaning for me because when I was six years old I lost my daddy’s tackle box. I knew how important it was to him, and I’ve never forgotten that experience. That’s when I really started to get interested in fishing lures. I’ve been interested ever since.

Lures I Buy

I buy all kinds, even new ones sometimes. Of course, I like old ones too. Antique and vintage fishing lures can be very valuable because of their history or because of the company that manufactured them, especially if they are still in their original box. (See more fishing lures I buy here.)

I Am Interested In:

  • plastic
  • wood
  • metal
  • new or vintage 

Free Appraisals on Fishing Lures 

All of my appraisals are free. I pay very fair prices and try to pay top dollar. I am interested in any and all kinds of fishing lures, so no matter what kind you have to sell, please call or text me. I’d really be interested in hearing your stories about where they came from, who used them, and why they are special to you.

Antique Fishing lures I buy

Brands I Like to Buy:

  • Abbey & Imbrie Lures
  • Arbogast Lures
  • Acetta Lures
  • Bite-Em Bait Company Lures
  • Bomber Bait Company Lures
  • J.T. Buel Lures
  • Clark Spoon Lures
  • Carter and Dunks Lures
  • WD Chapman Lures
  • Creek Chub Lures
  • Ans Decker Lures
  • Donaly Lures
  • Florida Lures
  • DAM Lures
  • Ever Ready Lures
  • Welsh & Graves Lures
  • Heddon Lures
  • Folk Art Lures
  • Miscellaneous and Unknown Lures
  • Shakespeare Lures
  • Detroit Glass Minnow Tubes
  • Detroit Minnow Cage

I Also Buy Vintage Tackle Boxes

Besides fishing lures, I also buy all kinds of new, used, and vintage fishing tackle and bait boxes.

Tackle boxes can be made from different materials such as metal, plastic, wood, wicker, and even leather. Some of the old tackle boxes were handmade. An old cigar box would be just fine to keep lures safe. If you are lucky enough to have a tackle box that was made by hand, it could be very valuable. Here are some popular tackle box brands:

  • UMCO
  • Shakespeare
  • Orivs
  • Fenwick
  • Plano
  • Eagle claw
  • Heddon


Fishing lures and fishing tackle
Sell your old tackle boxes

Types of Fishing Lures You Can Sell

  • metal fishing lures
  • plastic fishing lures
  • wood fishing lures
  • collectibles
  • stringers
  • artificial lures like plugs, spoons, jigs, and spinners

Great Lures to Collect or Sell

For faster response, call or text me – it’s much easier to reach me that way.

For a Free Appraisal:
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(512) 452-2814

(In order for me to give you a top dollar appraisal, you need to email or text me a picture.)